Monday, March 31, 2014

Great examples of Small Acts of Inclusion

Listed below are examples of small acts of inclusion for one’s personal transformation and for influencing the transformation of others.

• Having lunch with someone different than you
• Coaching someone culturally different
• Mentoring someone outside your comfort zone
• Thinking outside the box
• Teaming with someone with the opposite brain orientation (Right/Left)
• Confronting yourself in terms of exclusion
• Honestly evaluating your commitment to inclusion
• Noticing diversity in everything you do with others
• Sending notes of thanks to managers and leaders who are visible examples of inclusion
• Seeking to understand your social network differences
• Sharing a professional learning experience
• Coaching a new skill
• Adopting a zero defect mentality; and coaching it in others
• Learning a new skill every week; and passing it on
• Clarifying your career plan, then helping others clarify theirs
• Evaluating your skills—Interpersonal, Self-Management, Cross-Cultural, Technical, Management,
Leadership, etc.
• Evaluating others in terms of results—with sensitivity
• Helping others with career planning
• Helping others adopt a mind-set of 100% responsibility and accountability
• Extending tips for job support
• Sharing a personal learning experience
• Discouraging gossip
• Listening to a personal problem without giving advice.
• Thanking someone for his/her support
• Doing something kind for someone with whom you work
• Forgiving someone who was unkind to you
• Creating a “space” between experience and anger
• Being sensitive to the shortcomings of others—no one is “truly” perfect
• Learning from the shortcomings of others—they may be a mirror
• Making every interaction “a moment of truth”
• Counting the number of friends you made by being “right”

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