Friday, May 22, 2015

Diversity in Tech..Only addressing step one

It has been great to see the attention that tech companies are paying to diversity and inclusion. I am sure that the motivation is one part altruistic (it is the "right thing to do") and one part realistic (the enormous need for more engineering talent).  Both motivations will be important for the success of the initiatives.

However, the vast majority of energy and effort that organizations are expending is on developing the pipeline and recruitment.  The next part is to some extent even harder, and that is creating an inclusive organizational culture.  Most tech companies hold their culture dear to their hearts, and will do anything to maintain it--they equate it with their success.

However, if organizations are going to significantly change their composition, the culture will need to grow and transform with that.  Companies are made of people, and often , people resist change.   These changes , however will be needed to ensure that the money spent on developing the pipeline isn't simply about becoming the best graduate school to recruit from, but creating a long term sustainable culture of inclusion.

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