Sunday, May 24, 2015

Diversity in Tech--Continued

The recent emphasis of technology companies on filling the pipeline with more diverse engineering candidates has been laudable.   I hope at the same time that the development process for these new candidates is also designed to teach them critical thinking skills.  Although computer engineers are all valued, most technology companies want people who can also be high level strategic thinkers and can pivot quickly. Coding itself is a commoditized skill.  And the need to fill the void of engineers feels very similar to the need that the North had for blue collar workers after the Civil War.  However, as we saw in that example,  even though many people of color were put on assembly lines, they were never made a part of the permanent power structure.   To truly create an inclusive environment in tech, it will require a change in how the actual power structure is composed in technology companies (Board level, C Suite), and a focused, sustained effort on creating an inclusion.  

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