Tuesday, May 26, 2015

True collaboration for advanced creativity and innovation with divergent groups is not easy--it is a challenge

True collaboration is like any long term relationship.....it has its ups and downs and moments of real tensions.   Tech companies now who are using creativity and innovation as part of their business case for diversity and inclusion are certainly using what is the life's blood of most Silicon Valley enterprises.  But that does not mean it is easy, and may involve more than people expect.

Because there will be disagreements of principle (sometimes severe disagreements) when bringing together divergent viewpoints , I am a big believer that a foundation of trust is vital to keeping people together through difficult times.   My business partner and I sometimes have significant differences of opinion....but I think what keeps us together is that there is a trust that we both have that we both feel strongly about something that is best for our organization.  We truly have our best interests in mind.

So many tech companies are now actively recruiting many more diverse people into their workforces.  As this happens, they will need to understand that:

1)  Once that number of people reach a critical mass, it will impact the culture of the organization--it is impossible to stay the same.  This may be a tough one to accept for founders, because the culture (which they have established in tech companies) is a large part of their success.

2)  To create trust drive high level creativity and innovation, people must trust the organization.  The foundation of this trust is inclusion--and environment where I can achieve both personal and professional success, no matter who I am .

3)  Collaboration and next level creativity and innovation will require a transformational personal growth process.  They both require to invalidate long held beliefs in order to advance to the new stage.

It is so exciting--with tech's embracing of rapid change, there is a real opportunity to be innovative not only with apps and the internet, but also with inclusion, creativity and collaboration.

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