Thursday, December 9, 2010

Key indicators for the state of your life–A Personal Dashboard

Recently I began to wonder what a dashboard for my life might look like, and what the key indicators would be. For me, the key categories that I came up with were work-life integration, professional development, personal growth, physical health and financial security. I imagined taking a snapshot of my life and seeing where I am on these categories at any given point. In addition, these categories could serve as a set of questions I would ask myself before any major (or for that matter minor decision) in my life. For example, how would a new project impact my life in these five areas? I am content with the projected consequences and outcomes? Also, do I have a long term goal for myself in these five areas, and can I actually begin to design my life in a way that makes it likely I would achieve them?

My plan is to evaluate myself in these areas once each month, and also in the process set some objectives for what I would like to achieve. If any of you already do something like this, or want to try this dashboard out for a few weeks, please share what you do and the results you have had. I would look forward to hearing about it.


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