Friday, March 4, 2011

Small Acts of Inclusion Challenge

Take the Small Acts of Inclusion Challenge - Celebrate with us!
Small Acts of Inclusion Challenge
The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation dedicated the second week of February as the week to celebrate charity and inclusion. On their website they offer tips and stories that show how a little kindness goes a long way. We invite you to utilize their challenge this week and then we offer one of our own.

Innovations would like to propose a similar challenge to you. This will demonstrate how our Small Acts of Inclusion program utilizes a breakthrough method for achieving inclusion. The Small Acts of Inclusion program encompasses the true meaning behind Diversity and Inclusion and is driven by the charity and understanding that this program promotes.
The Small Acts of Inclusion Challenge:
·        Monday - Write a Thank You card to someone who has helped you in the past
·        Tuesday  - Have lunch with someone new
·        Wednesday  - Offer 15 minutes of help to someone in need
·        Thursday - Take treats to a department different than your own
·        Friday - Compliment someone on a job well done
·        Saturday - Ask someone to teach you the basics of a skill they do well or teach someone the basics of a useful skill you know well
·        Sunday - Spend 10 minutes just listening to someone without the need for reciprocation
The Small Acts of Inclusion Reward: At the end of the week you will have a few great stories to share. The greatest reward is the difference the challenge makes! However, to thank you for your participation Innovations will send you one free e-book of your choice

To receive your free e-book simply share your story through one of the following:
1.       Reply to this email or send a message to
2.       Tweet your story on our twitter page at or
3.       Comment on our facebook page at or add us as a friend and change your status to your story
4.       Comment on our blog at

Our staff will then contact you to inquire which book you'd like a free copy of.

Take Our Small Acts Course Online - The Virtual Learning Experience
Dr. Guillory has created an online version of this program which can be tailored to an organization's needs. Below you'll find links to our two Small Acts Virtual Learning Experiences. These are brief examples of what this program offers.

Good luck with the challenge, and please share with us all your results!

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