Monday, September 14, 2009

Transformational Leaders and Leadership

In this time of economic uncertainty, having transformational leaders is crucial to the success of our organizations.
Leadership is the ability to influence the thinking, commitment, and behaviors of others.
Transformational leaders are able to:
  • Facilitate the proactive adaptation to change on the part of others;
  • Understand and manage the relationship between the human dimensions of work and exceptional performance;
  • Understand and manage a spectrum of people, competencies, and styles;
  • Understand that the external results one produces is a direct consequence of one’s inner motivation;
  • Have an in-depth understanding of one’s self.
Leadership/Management Support—A Personal Assessment
Instructions: Take five minutes to evaluate yourself in terms of your overall workplace performance in a leadership and/or managerial support role. Use a scale of 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest) for each statement with respect to employees under your supervision or those you work with.
  1. I am skillful at facilitating both the professional development and personal growth of employees I lead/supervise.
  2. I am comfortable working with people who have beliefs and values divergently different from my own.
  3. I ensure an environment where high performance is expected and achieved.
  4. I ensure, by measurement, a “worker-friendly” environment where employees experience work-life quality and balance.
  5. I proactively engage in personal and professional growth.
For the item where you feel as if you rank the lowest, find a colleague or friend outside of work that you trust to give you honest feedback on  two to three Small Acts of Inclusion® might be able to incorporate immediately that would have an impact.
Innovations recommends our course Leading During Turbulent Times—The FuturePerfect Leadership Model as the first step in implementing positive change in the workplace. For more information on transforming your organization please contact us.

If you liked this self-assessment, you might also like our free High Performance Leadership Self Test at

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dealing with Differences

Dealing with Differences is a challenge whether it is at home or in the workplace.  Here are a few key tips that can help with the process.

1. Realize that how we view the world is through our unique reality— our reality is not necessarily right or superior to others.
2. Be willing to acknowledge that we all have biases and prejudices—tell the truth.
3. Consider the possibility that most insensitivities are unintentional—assume most people are well-intentioned.
4. Be open to feedback when you experience conflict that involves diversity—have the courage to admit that you might have been too quick to judgement or that you might have offended someone.
5. Create experiences and friendships across diversity differences—experiencing others in relationship is the most powerful way to create diversity!
6. Be willing to confront your fears of experiencing differences—have the courage to change and grow, it is key to our survival.
7. Be willing to explore issues of human equality—we all seek to be superior to others in some way.
8. Remember, diversity is a process of continuously learning through experiencing the differences in others--create a relationship with someone with whom you have the greatest prejudice!

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